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February 5, 2020



1. 星期日下午3時的主日崇拜如常舉行。
2. 在主日崇拜前,我們將對兒童活動室的玩具及所有設施進行徹底消毒。
3. 在教會入口我們提供消毒搓手液以及為需要口罩人士提供口罩 (我們無法提供全部人的口罩,但有需要的朋友將獲得口罩)
4. 在每次主日崇拜前下午1~2時我們都提供醫治室的服侍。我們相信使耶穌從死裡復活的力量同樣住在我們裡面,並會通過我們彰顯祂的能力。(弗1:19 – 20, 路4:40)
5. 我們鼓勵您來參與我們的主日崇拜,來接收愛、信心與生命的話語,因為聖經說:信心是從聽道而來的。我們作為信徒社群需要聚集,因為在一起我們就強壯!





Dear Happy News Church Family,

Due to the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong, Happy News Church in Hong Kong the following will be put into action for the health & safety of everyone attending our services.

 1. We will continue to have our service at 3 pm for the whole church family.
2. Both of our Kidz rooms and the respective toys and facilities will be sanitized and made ready before Sunday service.
3. In the entrance of the church, we will provide hand sanitizers for everyone and face masks for those in need of one (provided to only those who need it).
4. We will have Healing Rooms before each Sunday service from 1 to 2 pm. We believe that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us and will work through us (Ephesians 1:19 – 20, Luke 4:40).
5. I encourage you to attend our church services and receive words of love, faith and life since the bible tells us that our faith will be strengthened by hearing the word of God. We need the community of believers and together we are strong.
We are in this difficult time together and I believe we are walking into the most exciting days for us as a church family, and now is our time to shine hope, love, trust, healing and life to the people around us.
We will closely monitor the public health situation and make the responsive decisions accordingly. Stay tuned and pray unceasingly. Please stay tuned to our website and social media to stay updated. 


Pastor David and Ellen

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